What is MUN?

Model United Nations is essentially an academic simulation of United Nations proceedings.

University students represent a particular country, adopting the beliefs and policies of that country. They then sit in committee sessions and debate a topic of international concern, with the purpose of negotiating a resolution. Topics range from laws on the militarisation of space, eradication deadly diseases, trialling warlords, discussing financial bailouts and environmental crises – Model UN covers it all.

As well as regular delegates, participants also have the opportunity to represent non-governmental organisations, observer missions, media organisations, regional bloc representatives, national ambassadors or judges. Each of these positions has slightly different roles through the conference, but each play a part in making Model UN – or MUN, as it is affectionately known – the incredible experience that it is.

MUN gives university students the chance to expand their understanding and knowledge of international issues, debate, diplomacy and negotiation, while providing insight into the complexities of satisfying the different political positions of the international community.

Model United Nations gives delegates a more acute understanding of the world we live in, and inspires a greater commitment to finding a solution for its problems.


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