BrizMUN 2013

BrizMUN will be held from April 4 to 7 2013.  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

The Brisbane Model United Nations Conference is the premier Model UN Conference in Queensland and the largest city-based MUN in Australia. As the first regional Model United Nations conference in Queensland, BrizMUN 2008 saw the collaboration of students from Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland and Griffith University, with over 160 delegates in attendance. Six years on, the 2013 conference is expecting over 250 delegates engaged with and challenged by international problems, and debating these to find workable solutions.

BrizMUN is the opportunity for students to put theory into practice, providing a platform on which to utilise academically-acquired knowledge of law, international affairs, journalism, environmental science, medicine and economics in the context of real-world scenarios. The conference builds on the successes, proud traditions and legacy of MUNs at the three major universities in Brisbane. It is part of a global tradition of civic engagement, intellectual growth and passionate debate on pressing international issues.

BrizMUN 2013 is promising to be a fantastic event, bigger and better than ever before. The Secretariat has been working hard to create an engaging and exciting committee experience for delegates. The BrizMUN experience has been designed to simulate the United Nations by challenging delegates with the most current topics of international concern. BrizMUN 2013 will also see inter-committee debate experienced on a whole new level, and delegates will be given the opportunity to participate in new range of committees and debate a fresh range of topics that are sure to impress even the most experienced MUNners.


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