Executive Committee

Lucy Hirsch  |  President

Lucy Hirsch is a final-year Law/Arts student, West Wing aficionado, and occasional purveyor of baked goods. QUT UNSA was the first university club she ever joined and it opened her eyes to the wild world of MUN-ing. She caught the UN bug, and has since been found at MUN’s around the country and the world.

Lucy is Vice-President for Competitions for the QUT Mooting Society, member of QUT’s Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot team and the Under-Secretary-General for Committees at BrizMUN 2013.

Contact her at: president.qutunsa@gmail.com


Ramon Cesar Cayamanda  |  Secretary

Ramopicn is a fourth-year Bachelor of Business / Laws student. While relatively new to the MUN experience, he has always been interested in the politics, history, culture and geography of the world as well as all these factors interact and influence each other. His free time and time spent procrastinating usually revolves around learning about anything from the rise and fall of civilizations to how geographic location shapes a peoples history and culture. Always enjoying a challenge and a good debate, he is always willing to represent an opposing side, no matter much the world is against them, be it Iran or North Korea. Outside of MUN activities, he has also been as an exchange student in Montreal and has participated in several legal advocacy/arbitration competitions, most recently a participant in the Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot.

Contact him at: secretary.qutunsa@gmail.com


Matthew Sinclair  |  Treasurer

Matt-Sinclair-187x290Matt is currently studying a Bachelor of Business (Management) (Dean’s Honours) at QUT.  He is also studying French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.  He’s been a member of UNSA since attending his first MUN in 2012 where he was on the 6th GA discussing the laws relating to outer space (reflecting a personal interest of his).  He has since participated in the Asia-Pacific Model UN 2012, held in Melbourne.  For this, Matt was on the Senior Management Committee, representing Patricia O’brien and the Office of Legal Affairs; he received a Diplomacy Award for this role.

Matt is a member of the QUT Business Case Competition, QUT Delegation to Harvard WorldMUN and Under-Secretary-General for Sponsorship for BrizMUN 2013.

Contact him at: treasurer.qutunsa@gmail.com


Joana Busch  |  Education

Coenraad van der Westhuizen  |  MUN Convener

Alex Fairweather   |  Marketing and Socials

Madison Ure  |  Marketing and Socials


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