BrizMUN Special Application Committees

With registration for BrizMUN Special Committees closing next week (Thursday the 28th of February to be precise) we at UNSA thought it was high time we told you a little bit about them.

This year’s BrizMUN has 4 Special Committees:

  1. Security Council
  2. International Court of Justice
  3. International Press Gallery
  4. Non-Governmental Organisations and Ambassadors Program

Under the Charter of the United Nations, the Security Council is responsible for maintaining international peace and security. At BrizMUN, the Security Council is tasked with resolving ongoing border disputes between Sudan and South Sudan. If you watch the news, you know, ever, you would have seen that in early 2011 people from the South of the country voted almost unanimously for independence. Excellent you say? Well, not everything has been hunky-dory since then and areas along the border remain disputed territory. What can the international community do to ensure stability between the two regions? Who knows.

Moving along to the International Court of Justice. This year Judges will be asked to issue an Advisory Opinion on a yet-to-be-determined legal issue (hopefully some rogue nation will be violating international law). No really, it’s not as arbitrary as that, it’s just that the Court will be asked to respond to conference activities. That’s all. Think of it as being a short prep debate with global ramifications.

The International Press Gallery will again be made up of both the well established and slightly wacky press agencies. Delegates will be following up leads, breaking news and filing from the perspective of their agencies in print, online and broadcast mediums.

Finally, the NGO’s will be acting as observers and advisers to the other committees. Amnesty International might deliver a presentation to the Human Rights Council on how best to reform the Universal Declaration of Human Rights before popping in to the High Commission for Refugees to shame Australia on its refugee policy. Ambassadors represent regional blocs, hosting regular meetings with all their members to ensure that action taken in committees is uniform and consistent and in line with regional policy.

All delegates on these committees will be playing a fairly big role in the direction of the conference, so get applying! For those of you with less MUN experience, general committee registration opens on the 25th of February, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Yours in MUN,