Welcome to QUT UNSA

Hello and happy start-of-semester! Welcome to QUT UNSA’s shiny new website. Have a poke around and see what you think. There are going to be some changes to the club this year, though the first thing we’d like to do is make the whole thing modern and fun. Hence the website.

Hopefully by know you’ve at last had a cursory glance at the tabs on the side – navigate your way through all our scheduled events for 2013, some external conferences we think you might be interested in, a little bit of info about the new team running the show and of course a blog. What website is complete without a blog where a small but persistent group can indulge their narcissistic tendencies writing a whole lot of rubbish they actually think people want to hear! Starting with me of course.

I am the President, though I will answer to el Presidente, All Knowing Leader or “you there, with the glasses!” Now, if 5 years of high school taught me nothing, it taught me that I’m never going to make something “cool”. “Interesting” I can take a stab at though and that’s the plan.

We’ll be kicking off the year in style with a Mini-MUN (open for all to attend, though please register on the website before hand) prior to sending our sure to be victorious delegation to WorldMUN in Melbourne. They get back right in time for BrizMUN, not only a cracker conference, but a must-attend for all those wanting a spot on the QUT delegation to AMUNC.

(SIDEBAR: If all these acronyms are making your head hurt, click on the conferences tab on the side and that should clear things up).

Well that might be all from me for now. Keep an eye out for more news/updates from us. Until next time, au revoir!